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Our Story

We are a family business, owned and operated by Jack & Kathie Girst, and established over 40 years ago.

Kathie attended Grace College in Omaha, Nebraska, and Friends University in Wichita, Kansas, graduating in 1971 with a teaching degree in Home Economics. For 5 years she taught at a local high school. When our first child, David, came along in 1976 she decided to leave her teaching position so that she could stay at home with our new baby. Working out of her home she began baking and decorating birthday and wedding cakes. Her business grew mostly by word of mouth and eventually grew into a full time catering business. She now works out of a licensed commercial kitchen and caters a variety of personal, professional and business events and sometimes travels hundreds of miles to service these events.


As the business grew so did Jack's involvement. Initually he provided drawings for whatever cake design the customer requested. Eventually a select number of those designs were gathered into seven cake pattern books and marketed throughout the United States. Jack’s responsibilities now include doing the accounting & payroll, maintaining the web site, producing edible cake top pictures, maintaining & repairing equipment and maintaining inventory.


During our years of growing the business, we also expanded our family. Our second child, Beth, was born in 1977 and Jenny in 1982. Beth, who taught elementary school for 6 years, joined the business after she and her husband Ryan had their first child. She now does most of the cake baking, helps with the catering and accounting and is involved in most other aspects of the business.


In addition, there are over 2 dozen others that work with us in the business. We appreciate their good work, as do our customers who often compliment the quality of service that they receive at catered events. The continued growth of this business can be attributed to that high quality of service, along with a reputation for delicious, homemade foods and elegant presentations.

We look forward to helping you make your event special!

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